Workshop 3 held at Technical University of Denmark in November 2017

The third PAM² workshop, which dealt with Additive Manufacturing process modelling, was organized at Technical University of Denmark in November 2017. In the public part of the workshop, lectures with exercises were given on different aspects of thermomechanics and multiphysics modelling of metal AM such as 1D, 3D  thermoelasticity, Thermal simulations of AM, Meso-scale (CFD) and Macro-scale models, etc. Besides the lectures and exercises, hands-on tutorials were given on COMSOL Multiphysics(R) on the topic of Impeller elastic modelling & Elastoplastic model, Laser heating of a Silicon wafer, Thermo-elastic modelling in a single layer and etc. For the entire agenda of the public part of this workshop, click here.