Seminar for high school students given by Jitka Metelkova (ESR 7)

In the framework of PAM² outreach activities, Jitka Metelkova (ESR 7) gave on 4th of November 2019 a seminar on metal AM to the students of Czech-French Section of Slovanic High School in Olomouc, Czech Republic. During the seminar, the topic of metal AM was explained with the use of PAM² results, completed with a general discussion about an international European career as an engineer or scientist. The PAM² results were introduced through a more general “To be or not be an engineer” approach showing that there are many different ways to approach engineering and which skills are required for that.


In total 40 students, divided in two different groups, were present at the seminar who appreciated the seminar and specially the demonstration parts produced by SLM which included fine details and scaffold structures. Furthermore, the students were curious and asking several questions about the building time, materials, applications and etc.