The overall objective of PAM2 is to ensure the availability of high precision AM processes and (computational) design procedures. Detailed objectives to reach this overall goal are:

  • to develop advanced (computational) design tools, enabling competitive designs, better use of AM possibilities against minimal design costs and reduced time-to-market
  • to develop better modelling tools for first-time-right processing
  • to optimise selective laser melting process strategies for improved part precision and feature accuracy
  • to understand the link between post-process metrology and in-process observations, creating the basis for in-process quality control and process stability
  • To develop innovative in-process and post-process techniques to reduce or remove roughness, porosity and internal stresses and to improve dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties

These objectives will be reached by progressing the scientific/technical knowledge beyond the state-of-the-art, through implementing good precision engineering practice, by cross-linking every step along the process chain (through well-chosen secondments and dedicated ESR (Early-Stage Researcher) research topics on the overall integration of the technology) and by providing feedback for each stage after technology and product assessment. The AM process steps, the ESRs involved in each step, the interaction between the steps, the assessment feedback loop and the role of the end-users are shown