Thanks to our ESRs and Ann Witvrouw, PAM² was well represented at the EUSPEN’s 18th International Conference & Exhibition (Venice) and at 2018 ASPE and euspen Summer Topical Meeting (Berkeley).


Mohamad Bayat (ESR 4), David de Baere (ESR 5), Mandaná Moshiri (ESR 8), Juliana Solheid (ESR 9) and Markus Baier (ESR 14) presented their work at the Euspen conference which you can read on our Dissemination section. Whereas at the ASPE conference, Rajit Ranjan (ESR 1), Mirko Sinico (ESR 3), Amal Prashanth Charles (ESR 10) and Ann Witvrouw (Project coordinator of PAM²) demonstrated their work which you can also find on our Dissemination section.