Mirko Sinico (ESR 3), Umberto Paggi (ESR 6) and Jitka Metelkova (ESR 7) represented PAM² at the 30th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium – An Additive Manufacturing Conference that was held in Austin, Texas on August 2019.

At the conference, Mirko Sinico demonstrated his recent work “A Mold Insert Case Study on Topology Optimized Design for Additive Manufacturing”, while Umberto Paggi presented his work “New Scanning Strategies and Support Structures for Reduced Overheating on Downfacing Regions of Direct Metal Printed Parts”. Jitka Metelkova presented the results of her recent work “In Situ Combination of Selective Laser Melting and Selective Laser Erosion for Edge Effect Removal”.

All three works will be soon available in our Dissemination section.