3D Printing Student Challenge 2020 won by the team of Mirko Sinico (ESR 3), Mandaná Moshiri (ESR 8) and Rajit Ranjan (ESR 1)

We are proud to announce that the team of PAM² ESRs Mirko Sinico, Mandaná Moshiri and Rajit Ranjan has won the first 3D Printing Student Challenge organized by Agoria and Sirris. The 3D Printing Student Challenge is a competition to stimulate the creativity of students and young professionals while embracing 3D printing techniques where the challenge is to design an object composed exclusively from 3D printed material. The final 3D printing design needs to fall under one of the following categories: “Consumer markets: Sustainable sports gear, add-ons & spare parts”; “Industrial application: Tackle a company-owned challenge” or “Artistic design: Printed Complexity”.

The team of PAM² ESRs presented its project “Bionic-A-mold” in April 2020 and won the challenge in the category of industrial application. As a nice reward, the PAM² Bionic-A-mold team won 1000 €. You can watch the video pitch of Bionic-A-mold on YouTube. If you would like to read more about the 3D Printing Student Challenge, then please visit their website.